Sacramento Section EC Report for Year 2018

Report for:

The number after the county reflects the number of hours they have submitted during the year.

Section Manager: 0 Section EC: 710      
District 1 EC: 112 District 2 EC: 0 District 3 EC: 181 District 4 EC: 5 District 5: 52
TRINITY: 202       EL DORADO: 51
        TAHOE BASIN*: 0

* EC position is OPEN

Section Information for FSD-96

ARRL Section: Sacramento Valley Section
Year: 2018
Total number of ARES members 375
Change since last year
(+, -, same)
11     +
Number of DECs/ECs reports this year 101
Number of ARES nets active: 318  
Number of nets with NTS liaison: 59 
Number of drills, tests and training sessions this year
NUmber of drill Person hours 5723 
Number of public service events this month
total PS Person hours 1895 
Number of emergency operations this year
Totl Emergency Person Hours 42 
Total number of ARES operations this year 678.5 
Total Person hours 8214 

Comments submitted during the year :

1/2018: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2018 January Alpine/Douglas Comment In addition to our nets and meeting, members spent much time on packet operations and discovery, antennas, 911 radio repair and personal equipment repair. Also, members are working on the SIERA emergency radio trailer, available to DCART. Jeff, K7BCV is going to be offering a radio class through Western Nevada College. And I registered both Alpine and Douglas Counties for our organization numbers for ARRL ARES. At our February meeting we plan to cover GPS on a cell phone and how to use it to locate your position. There has been discussion about needing cell towers. The cell phone works both off satellites and cell towers so some variables to discuss. Sheila Clement, KA7AJQ ARES Emergency Coordinator Alpine and Douglas Counties

2/2018: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2018 February Alpine/Douglas Comment At our February DCART meeting we discussed GPS in relation to our own 911 Dispatch Center and our smart cell phones and tablets. Dispatch prefers that rural or field locations information be given in decimal degrees as time is lost to convert from lat & long. Our Douglas County 911 Dispatch Center is looking forward to the installation this spring of the Next Generation 911 system that will include texting. The motto will be, "Call if you can. Text if you can't." This installation will address previous technical challenges and include an updated antenna system for our ham radio desk equipment. Also, our Douglas County Comm Tech, K5BLS, installed a Fusion radio at our 911 station that added more frequencies (digital and analog) that are coordinated through the area Fusion repeater systems. Sheila Clement, KA7AJQ ARES Emergency Coordinator Alpine and Douglas Counties

3/2018: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2018 March Alpine/Douglas Comment Our Douglas County Amateur Radio Team (DCART) studied Radiograms during our monthly meeting. KA7FOO, Doug, presented a very informative session. DCART members continue to enjoy special projects. Some of those follow. KE7NCJ, Tom, is coordinating schedules and planning for the Pony Express ReRide support communications in June for the SIERA group. K7BCV, Jeff, is finishing his technician class with WNC and may do a General this summer. His website is KD7NHC, John, reports great fun with drone training for SAR in Lyon County. Several members, N7XYL, Debbie, K6VOC, Bob, K6LR, Jim, KJ6IX, Dale, KJ7UK, Dick, and KI6EWK, David, continue support for our packet radio operations, including for our own 911 station. They also work with the SIERA communications trailer. KI7CTT, Sue, and N7BBE, Ben coordinate information flow and training notes with SIERA (Sierra Intermountain Emergency Radio Association). N7TNX, Dave, and KA7UIS, LeRoy participate with the weekly Northwestern Nevada Hospitals nets at either our Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center station or the Carson Tahoe Specialty Medical Center station and work their packet stations. N7TNX,Dave, works with the station at DEM. (Nevada Division of Emergency Management). KV7S, Dale, keeps our 911 station working and works with county communications. Our other members support us quietly in the background. Sheila Clement, KA7AJQ ARES Emergency Coordinator Alpine and Douglas Counties

4/2018: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2018 April Alpine/Douglas Comment DCART (Douglas County Amateur Radio Team) met in April to discuss plans for an exercise to be held May 21st. We plan to begin with a Reverse 911 call out at 6 pm and meet on the 147.270 repeater at 6:30 pm. We will staff our 911 and CM11 (Dispatch mobile) radios. Other members will participate from home. We have several very active ham clubs in the area and many of our members participate in their nets and training. All in all the training and inter-relatedness prepares us all for area events and incidents. Everyone prepares now for fire season. Our SIERA organization funds and staffs their emergency communications trailer and SIERA and DCART members contribute to it's support. Sheila Clement, KA7AJQ ARES Emergency Coordinator Alpine and Douglas Counties

5/2018: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2018 May Alpine/Douglas Comment DCART (Douglas County Amateur Radio Team) members participated in an exercise May 21 that began with a Reverse 911 member call out asking us to meet on our 147.27 repeater at 1830 hours. Some members staffed our Dispatch stations and others staffed our mobile Dispatch unit parked next to Dispatch. Other operators participated from home. Our goal was to exercise our call out procedures and our stations' radios as well as exercise our frequencies plan by calling members to several of our planning frequencies. We accomplished this. Challenges ∑ Our 911 Reverse Call Out for DCART procedure had been programmed to call for an ID prior to receiving the message and we do not have such IDs. So members could not receive the information by phone. Will have to check out that process. ∑ Severe thunderstorms happened so Dispatchers were busy with flash flood and rescue calls including addressing the flash flood and debris that hit the Topaz Lodge. Our Plan calls for HF operators at home to use our State ARES frequencies for contacts and information. Those operators would then contact our 911 Dispatch station. Many of our operators disconnected their antennas especially HF because of the lightning activity. We were not able to use HF. ∑ And as for packet - well a week previous, our Rawe Peak link for our recently rearranged configuration took a lightning hit and was down. Also our own BBS packet station computer at Dispatch had a fatal software glitch. We had public service events in May with more coming in June. Several of our members are supporting SIERA with a special events station for the Viet Nam Memorial Moving Wall May 31st - June 4th. Several DCART/SIERA members participated in Safety Day with the group emergency trailer. (Lot of stories about practice set ups) The Pony Express Reride, Nevada part, is June 21 through June 23. Field Day coincides and it is tough to get base station operators. June 30 is the Alta Alpina Challenge (bicycle ride) mostly in Alpine County. We provide operators in Dispatch to relay emergency calls that do not make it into the system. Many Alta Alpina officers and riders are hams. Sheila Clement, KA7AJQ ARES Emergency Coordinator Alpine and Douglas Counties

3/2018: AMADOR, KJ6WYW, Daniel L. Edwards: I really apologize for submitting this report so late.

4/2018: AMADOR, KJ6WYW, Daniel L. Edwards: Big month for Amador County.

1/2018: District 1, N7JIL, Jim Linden: We listened at section net time and heard no one up here.

2/2018: District 1, N6SNO, Frank Reshke: Took the ICS-300 class

3/2018: District 1, N6SNO, Frank Reshke: Meeting for Eppies Great Race.

2/2018: District 3, K6WLS, Ken Wilson: repairs to damaged tower equipment, FCC license session, and rebuilding antennas - plus admin dities

1/2018: EL DORADO, KE6GLA, Jay Harmor: El Doradoc County ARES trailer deployed for Coloma Discovery of Gold Special Event Station. Completed maintenance on ARES trailer.

2/2018: EL DORADO, KE6GLA, Jay Harmor: Extra net for low snow event.

4/2018: EL DORADO, KE6GLA, Jay Harmor: meeting with go-box show and WinLink overview.

4/2018: GLENN, KF6OBI, Michael A. Ellithorp: 2018 Run Your Tail Off event trail safety and communications support.

4/2018: LASSEN, K6ME, Terry L Cobb Sr: Nine Lassen ARES members and two trainees provided Emcomm communications for the 51st annual Lassen Diamondback Hare Motorcycle Scramble event on April 08. Even with the blustery cold wet weather there were 94 riders in the main event which consisted of two 43 mile laps through very steep rocky and wet terrain with up to 2,400' in elevation change over cross country terrain. Thankfully this year there were no major injuries or rescues. Two or more ARES members were staged at the three Stop-Checks and the Start-Finish base camp. As there are no repeaters with coverage we had 4 complete 50 watt VHF stations using simplex and high gain antennas in order to cover the complete course. Our ARES members were at their assigned points for 7 hours not counting the 3 hour round trip to this years event in Dry Valley Nevada. ><

1/2018: NEVADA, KJ6HNP, Jason Eaton: Hello Greg, there was a meeting today on 1/31, not sure if that is counted here or not. It say there were 6 drills/training etc. 4 nets is correct, we have one a week.

1/2018: PLACER, N6CKV, Carl First: Carl N6CKV and Stuart AK6XR attend a ICS 300 clasee

4/2018: PLACER, N6CKV, Carl First: The group had a face to face meeting with Ben Green of CalOES as the guest speaker. Several members participated in the Folsom MS walk.

5/2018: PLACER, N6CKV, Carl First: Orion AI6JB has been appointed AEC for training, Carl N6CKV has started a site for Placer County ARES, and several members provided communications for the CERA Enduro in Georgetown

2/2018: PLUMAS, KI6YUK, DL (Larry) Trotter: Another quiet month on the Plumas. Gearing up for the latest round of snow @ month's end.

4/2018: PLUMAS, KI6YUK, DL Trotter: Busy month in preparation for the 2018 EmComm season. Seneca Hospital in Chester went CommDark for about .5 hour on 4/27. KI6YUL called a CQ and 2 locals answered and went Standby until the LL, Cell and internet came back on line.

5/2018: PLUMAS, KI6YUK, DL "Larry" Trotter: May was a busy month for us, with our first Event of the season, the IVCR bike ride. The Club has been working about 10 years putting together EmComm Stations in our 3 Hospitals on the Plumas and 1 in Sierra County; all are now operational and online. The Tri-County Health Care Coalition, comprised of Lassen, Plumas and Sierra Counties, has requested PARC/ARES/RACES to be a part of the EmComm system, with our first County Drill on 26 June 2018, to test operational readiness and inter-county operability, using our Mt. Hough machine and Simplex relays.

1/2018: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: HIghlights: Work on Winlink forms for the Winlink Grou: ARRL Radiogram, State of Oregon Winlink forms. Presentation on packet, Flmsg and Winlink templates for Yolo ARES meeting. Work on SHARES forms for Winlink and FEMA. Presentation on ARES booklet at Placer ARES meeting. First two days of ICS-300 Class in January.. Completed in February.

2/2018: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: Work coding Winlink forms for : Oregon, Alaska, Western States Endurance Run, Hospital HICS-213 for Florida for the Winlink Group. Also Attended the ICS-300 Class, administrative- helping various county ECs with info

3/2018: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: All Groups should be prepping and gearing up for the multiple Pubic Service events in April and May.

4/2018: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: Highlights: Work on Sierra Century. Continued work with the Winlink Forms group developing forms for winlink

5/2018: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: Busy public service month: VE test session, Cache Creek Ridge Ride, AMGEN bike Ride, and the Davis Double Century. Continued work on Winlink forms for the Salvation Army, FEMA Resource Request form, SHARES form, Red Cross Safe and Well form.

3/2018: SHASTA/TEHAMA, KI6WAN, Tom Henthorn : Monday Night net includes packet, winlink, HF, and 2 meter check inís.

1/2018: SIERRA, N5TEN, Scott A. Schlefstein: Local emergency preparedness ham operators, including John Mitchell (W1RK) and myself (N5TEN) inspected, repaired, and had meetings at the Loyalton Hospital emergency amateur radio station. Photos were provided to greg Kruckewitt (KG6SJT).

2/2018: SIERRA, N5TEN, Scott A. Schlefstein: Emergency ham radio station at Loyalton Hospital work day was published in Sierra Booster Newspaper last week, featuring the station and hams that put in the time.

4/2018: TRINITY, KJ6OCL, KARL FISHER: We had great participation (12 members and guests) in an ARES Version ICS-213 formal message handling training session. We also started some practice exercises during last week's net and will continue these in May.

4/2018: YUBA-SUTTER, kj6iym, Andy Boone: yuba sutter ares members volunteered for 50 hours and just over 500 miles for the bike around the buttes event.


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