Sacramento Section EC Report for Year 2017

Report for:

The number after the county reflects the number of hours they have submitted during the year.

Section Manager: 56 Section EC: 1504      
District 1 EC: 242 District 2 EC: 0 District 3 EC: 305 District 4 EC: 17 District 5: 1407
TRINITY: 759       EL DORADO: 76
        TAHOE BASIN*: 0

* EC position is OPEN

Section Information for FSD-96

ARRL Section: Sacramento Valley Section
Year: 2017
Total number of ARES members 395
Change since last year
(+, -, same)
30     +
Number of DECs/ECs reports this year 230
Number of ARES nets active: 849  
Number of nets with NTS liaison: 125 
Number of drills, tests and training sessions this year
NUmber of drill Person hours 11777 
Number of public service events this month
total PS Person hours 6781 
Number of emergency operations this year 53 
Totl Emergency Person Hours 2674 
Total number of ARES operations this year 1645 
Total Person hours 22717 

Comments submitted during the year :

1/2017: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2017 DCART January comment Floods and Blizzards standby time occupied DCART team members while Washoe, Lyon and Storey counties ARES teams actively responded. Our counties, including Douglas and Alpine counties declared Emergencies. Douglas had flooding issues as well, however, we did not lose power or internet and the emergency services people stayed in business. We did spend some intense standby time as we kept in touch with our 911 Dispatch Center Director. Mutual aid planning was in place and affirmed as Lyon County almost needed a person. They found a workaround so we did not send anyone. Three of our members, KJ6IX, KJ7UK, and N7TNX, spent active time at Nevada Division of Emergency Management communications.

2/2017: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2017 DCART February comment Douglas County Amateur Radio Team (DCART) members stood by monitoring our repeater a lot of hours to keep current on our Douglas County, Carson City, and Alpine County flood, weather and road conditions. While not formally activated ourselves, county officials had their hands full with high water/flooding in the rivers and streams as well as mud/landslides and roads erosion. Many roads and highways were closed. High winds downed a lot of trees and lines, not to mention my own HF antenna. KA7UIS got it back up then had his shoulder surgery. (He figured they were going to fix it anyway-so...) Our neighbors had their power line replaced in the middle of the night. Things seem calmer now and we are having some decent weather though it is chilly.

3/2017: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2017 DCART March comment Douglas County Amateur Radio Team (DCART) members reported a lot of volunteer hours. Time was spent on ICS training, meetings, nets, getting antennas up or back up (Nevada Zephyrs), preparing personal radio equipment and ICS paperwork, working with Nevada Division of Emergency Management, working with Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, packet radio operations, general training operations and working on Communications Mobile Units. Some of the training is happening at our Nevada Convention in Las Vegas. The rest of the NV Con training and news will be counted for April.

4/2017: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2017 DCART April comment Douglas County Amateur Radio Team (DCART) members held their weekly nets and monthly meeting. The ham packet station at our 911 Dispatch Center will have a new computer. At the moment that packet station is out of service. County officials will be monitoring the snow melt situation to assess the potential for flooding.

5/2017: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: DCART monthly comment In addition to our DCART nets and meeting, individual members are volunteering for various area bike, other events and planning for the Pony Express Reride and Deathride. The mountain passes still have a lot of snow so we are waiting to see how conditions affect planning.P

6/2017: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2017 DCART June comment Our Douglas County Amateur Radio Team (DCART) members spent a lot of extra hours for the annual Pony Express Re-ride through Nevada and Field Day preparations and operations. We lost one of our members, AB7TJ, Joe Turek, because of injuries from a motorcycle accident in Texas. He had been a member of Johnson Lane VFD, CERT, and Douglas County Communications as well as DCART. We really miss him. Many DCART members are also members of SIERA (Sierra Intermountain Emergency Radio Association) who sponsors the annual Pony Express Reride across Nevada - this time East to West - Ibapah, Utah to Stateline, Nevada. Quite an adventure this time. Again, HF communications were not possible because of continued lack of propagation conditions. The relay stations assigned to mountain peaks could not go up because of 70-100 mph winds and lightning. Base stations were able to follow the mochilla (mail bag) by satellite beacon. Correlating the Pony Express names of mail exchange locations to Google maps was very difficult. Apparently map makers have not sent their big rig to Eastern Nevada wilds yet. This year, the SIERA coordinator for the event, Jeff, K7BCV, also a DCART member, arranged with some riders for base station operators to email to text the location of the pony. We are able to use more than "just radio" in figuring out how to beat conditions. Then, on the last Lake leg, an older rider was bucked off due to a bear encounter. We understand he is OK. They finally located the runaway horse on Easy Street Way and the mail was given over to California riders. SIERA members and DCART members held Field Day at the Minden Airport. A communications trailer was outfitted for not only the event but for potential deployment for emergencies. One of our DCART and SIERA members, Sue, KI7CTT, was able to have articles about Field Day, the Pony Express Reride and Ham Radio in the local media. In fact the Friday, the 29th, the Record Courier carried two full pages about Field Day and Ham Radio. And now the Death Ride (Tour of the California Alps) is coming up the 8th of July. We will again work with the Alpine Sheriff's Office to coordinate our ham radio station with Alpine Dispatch for the day. The event just received the final go as the amount of snow and road damage has been tremendous. We are expecting the final word that indeed Ebbetts Pass has opened. Already the June Alta Alpina Challenge Ride had been cancelled because of snow and road damage. Sheila Clement, KA7AJQ ARES EC Douglas and Alpine Counties

7/2017: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2017 DCART Alpine and Douglas Counties July Comment Several of our Douglas County Amateur Radio Team (DCART) members assisted Tahoe Amateur Radio Association with the annual Alpine County Tour of the California Alps/Death Ride bicycle event July 8th with ham communications. At our monthly meeting, WA6EWV, Paul briefed us with an accounting of Ride planning and operations. Of great importance, the California Good Samaritan Laws differ from Nevada so liability issues and medical care procedures were part of the Ride initial briefings for both cyclists and hams. Also at our monthly meeting, Jeff B, comm tech for Douglas County, briefed us on our 911 Dispatch radio and antenna work plans. Our packets stations there are being upgraded with newer laptops and interface equipment. Another DCART member, K7BCV is giving a General class along with other members of our local SIERA organization. And N7TNX and KA7UIS continue their weekly interface with the ham station and packet operations at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center. Also they will overseeing getting a station operational at the old hospital. By the way, N7TNX and KJ7IX have completed higher level state communications courses earlier in the year. Sheila Clement, KA7AJQ ARES EC Douglas and Alpine Counties

8/2017: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2017 DCART Alpine and Douglas Counties August Comment DMR radio was the topic of discussion at our monthly meeting as well as operations, antennas and wiring and upgrade of our 911 Center. Our members tallied a lot of hours helping each other and upgrading their own ham radio operations. Area fires are being well handled by the emergency services and ARES members were not activated. CERT members have seen some activations. Our website is out of service for now. Sheila Clement, KA7AJQ ARES EC Douglas and Alpine Counties

9/2017: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2017 DCART Alpine and Douglas Counties September Comment Our Douglas County Amateur Radio Team (DCART), in addition to our nets and monthly meeting, participated in the Nevada Section SET on September 30th. We activated our ham stations there at our 911 Dispatch Center. Also, we staffed CM11, the 911 Emergency Communications vehicle parked at Dispatch. That morning we exercised our 2 meter and 440 voice and packet radio operations in coordination with our State ARES stations. Earlier in the month one of our operators, KD7NHC had a major coordination role for the bicycle event called the Edible Pedal. Sheila Clement, KA7AJQ ARES EC Douglas and Alpine Counties

10/2017: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2017 DCART Alpine and Douglas Counties October Comment Douglas County Amateur Radio Team volunteers logged many hours for a wide range of activities including packet radio/RMS, NV ARES leadership meeting, Pacificon, DMR training, the Nevada Day Parade, local Search and Rescue operations and training and State radio frequency coordination and planning. Lyon County, Ely, Elko and Winnemucca along with other Nevada counties & cities have great coordination with search and rescue training and operations and with local government officials. DCART member, KD7NHC, of Lyon County had an emergency callout for a missing boater. KD7NHC participated in community public service events. Also, DCART members are working with State officials on frequency coordination plans. Other operations include antenna/repeater/packet mountain top repairs and local mentoring and assisting with SK operators' estates. Sheila Clement, KA7AJQ ARES EC Douglas and Alpine Counties

1/2017: AMADOR, KJ6WYW, Daniel L. Edwards: Thanks Greg.

4/2017: AMADOR, KJ6WYW, Daniel L. Edwards: Big month with two bike rides

5/2017: AMADOR, KJ6WYW, Daniel L. Edwards: My Dee[est apologies for the lateness of this report

6/2017: AMADOR, KJ6WYW, Daniel L. Edwards: Feld the first three classes for both Technician and General License

7/2017: AMADOR, KJ6WYW, Daniel L. Edwards: Held an Exam Session for Technician and General. Eight new and one upgraded operators

9/2017: AMADOR, KJ6WYW, Daniel L. Edwards: I may need to update the last net time sheet when Steve sends me the data

10/2017: AMADOR, KJ6WYW, Daniel L. Edwards: Pretty big month for us with the fire and the swap meet.

1/2017: BUTTE, kk6evx, Dale Anderson:

2/2017: BUTTE, kk6evx, Dale Anderson: The average hrs was about 9 to 10 for every one involved.

10/2017: BUTTE, kk6evx, Dale Anderson: Emergency operations Cherokee fire 316hrs

3/2017: District 1, N7JIL, Jim Linden: We are making a lot progress in setting up Winlink network in Modoc. We now have a Pactor 3 modem which improves HF speed. The served agencies are really excited about the ability of ARES sending critical e-mails when we lose Internet up here.

5/2017: District 1, N7JIL, Jim Linden: We have been asked to support the Modoc Historic Hotel Bike Event on July 22nd again the year. We will be using packet and APRS along with Net Control for 4 Aid Stations and 2 SAG Wagons.

6/2017: District 1, N7JIL, Jim Linden: Provided Winlink station at Shelter Exercise in Alturas June 27th.

7/2017: District 1, N7JIL, Jim Linden: Bike Event July 22. Dave/WO6M is writing an article

8/2017: District 1, N7JIL, Jim Linden: Too bad there isn't a slot to record all the CA-OES nets we check into.

10/2017: District 1, N7JIL, Jim Linden: Modoc ARES will set up a Winlink station at Modoc Sheriff EOC Thursday Nov 16 for Statewide Public Health Active Shooter Exercise.

5/2017: District 3, N6SNO, Frank Reshke: Hours for nets I check in to.

2/2017: District 5, W6RWL, Ralph Lucas: Great Job to all that were part of the Oroville Dam issue.

4/2017: District 5, W6RWL, Ralph Lucas: WSER, June 24-25, 2017 and TEVIS, August 5-6, 2017 is coming quickly. We still need several radio operator to cover these event. Let me know if you can help. Ralph, W6RWL WSER/TEVIS Western States Endurance Run and Tevis Cup (Western States Trail Ride). Both are 100 mile events from Lake Tahoe to Auburn, CA. (Endurance Capital of the World). WSER is also known as “The Other Field Day” since 9 out of 10 years it falls on the same weekend as Field Day. We do have more fun!!!! WSER: June 24-25, 2017 / TEVIS: August 5-6, 2017 We’re always looking for Radio Op’s to help. If interested? Please checkout our Web Site at: If you’re still interested, fill out the Volunteer Signup Form and submit it. Any web site issues please call, email or use the radio freq. below. Thank you, Also we need help with: The Canyon 50K run – April 29, 2017 WSER Training Run – May 27-29, 2017 TEVIS Education Ride – July 7-9, 2017 Ralph Lucas, W6RWL P.O. Box 1083 Foresthill, CA 95631-1083 408-640-0963 (c); 530-367-3026 (h); W6YDD - 146.625, -, PL (1)151.4 / (2)123.0 / (3)100.0

6/2017: District 5, W6RWL, Ralph Lucas: I what to thank all of the radio operators that support the WSER last weekend. We had 124 radio operators working 6 to 8 hours each for this 30 hour 100 mile running event. Thank you All, Ralph Lucas, W6RWL

7/2017: District 5, W6RWL, Ralph Lucas: Teams, Still need 4 or 5 Radio Operator to support the TEVIS CUP on August 5 -6, 2017. This next weekend. Call 408-604-0963 or email if you're interested. We currently have 72 ops at CKPT's and 15 Sweep Rider with Radios and another group of shadows/ emergency response operators. about 90 to 100 operator in total. Come join the fun next weekend. Ralph, W6RWL

8/2017: District 5, W6WL, Ralph Lucas: To all radio operator that supported WSER & TEVIS CUP this year, THANK YOU!! Your support allow 200+ runners and riders to complete these 100 mile events safely from Tahoe to Auburn, CA this year. We had 98 operators working TEVIS this year for a minimum of 6 hours each and several were ARES Members or will be soon. Thank you all again, 73's Ralph Lucas, W6RWL

10/2017: District 5, W6RWL, Ralph Lucas: A BIG Thank you to al the ARES Members that support the Northern California Fires and the Oroville Fire in the last 30 to 60 days. Awesome Job Teams!! Carl Firth great job on setting the booth at the Gold Country Home & Garden Show this month and to all the member that support this event. Prey for Rain & Snow.....

8/2017: EL DORADO, KE6GLA, Jay Harmor: Starting September changing net time 19:30 on Monday evenings.

9/2017: EL DORADO, KE6GLA, Jay Harmor: 1 additional net with EDC Sheriff OES Volunteer Net

10/2017: EL DORADO, KE6GLA, Jay Harmor: Set up ARES trailer at Garden Valley Kids Expo on October 1st.

4/2017: GLENN, KF6OBI, Michael A. Ellithorp: Public service Event: 6th Annual Run Your Tail Off 5K and 10K trail Run

6/2017: GLENN, KF6OBI, Michael A. Ellithorp: This year the Glenn Amateur Radio Society held their Field Day / Public Service event at Providence Christina School, 1148 E Walker Street, Orland, CA. The club spotted a Disaster Response Trailer (DTR) very late on the 23rd. Members then reported by 0900 hours on the 24th to set up antennas; one HF vertical, and two mulit-band VHF for local repeater work. The club operated 1A-Battery on 20 and 40 meters. This Field Day the focus was to get the DTR exposed to the general public. We had visitors from as far away as Austin Texas.

1/2017: LASSEN, K6ME, Terry L Cobb Sr.: Lassen County declared a flooding emergency and the local ARES group was put on standby. The County EOC was activated and 7 ARES members were given operations instructions and a schedule for the County Dispatch Center by two Calif. State employees who rotated shifts at the EOC. The EOC was active for 3 days but the ARES group was not activated to cover the EOC as flooding was not as serious as anticipated.

4/2017: LASSEN, K6ME, Terry L Cobb Sr.: Five Lassen ARES members and several other local hams provided communications for the 50th Diamondback Back Hare 100 mile Scramble at the Fort Sage ATV area April 09. There were 109 riders in the main event and only one serious injury occurred during the main event.

2/2017: MODOC, KJ6ZUW, DANIEL H STOSSMEISTER: We're upgrading our linked repeater system to facilitate Packet & WINLINK communications. We've also reached out to Lassen Co. to extend our range for emergency communications. Currently our linked system includes: > Happy Camp Mountain, 6500 ft near Canby Ca. ( 147.075 rptr) > Payne Peak, 8000 ft. near Cedarville Ca. ( currently have 147.045 rptr > and our APRS 144.39 system which is ID'd as Happy Camp on the APRS web > page, just moved it to test location and didn't update) > Barnes Grade, 6000 ft. near of Alturas Ca. ( 145.49 rptr.) > All back boned via Payne on our 444.250 rptr /backbone

3/2017: MODOC, KJ6ZUW, DANIEL H STOSSMEISTER: We've made significant progress in re-establishing a packet network in county and are making contacts to make connections to neighboring counties also.

4/2017: MODOC, N7JIL, Jim Linden: Dan is out recovering from surgery

6/2017: MODOC, KJ6ZUW, DANIEL H STOSSMEISTER: ARES members participated in the Strong Family Health Shelter Exercise on June 27th in Alturas. Over 50 participants and numerous agencies from throughout the county gathered to sharpen our skills in providing shelter for area residents in the event of a prolonged power outage. Ares members provided WinLink access to e-mails allowing for contact to state agencies when Internet was not locally available.

7/2017: MODOC, KJ6ZUW, DANIEL H STOSSMEISTER: Modoc County Parks and Recreation sponsored a Bike Event for which we provided communication and support along the 100 km course.

9/2017: MODOC, KJ6ZUW, DANIEL H STOSSMEISTER: WINLINK training continues at our meetings.

1/2017: PLACER, N6CKV, Carl First: The Placer County ARES group had a good face to face meeting with Jim Piper N6MED of the Red Cross. Jim spoke on the role of the Red Cross, how hams can help the Red Cross, and the Red Cross forms in FlMsg.

2/2017: PLACER, N6CKV, Carl First: Placer County ARES stood by to help with the flood and the Oroville event this month

3/2017: PLACER, N6CKV, Carl First: Placer County ARES had a face to face meeting March 25th where the members showed their "Go Kits"

4/2017: PLACER, N6CKV, Carl First: We are getting ready for the May 13 exercise for Placer County ARES.

5/2017: PLACER, N6CKV, Carl First: Busy month with multiple public service events. Also ARES is now included in the Placer County Health Care Coalition.

9/2017: PLACER, N6CKV, Carl First: Placer County ARES had a face to face meeting Sept 9th with 21 members and 6 members participated in the Auburn Home and Garden Show at the end of the month

10/2017: PLACER, N6CKV, Carl First: Several ARES members help Orion AI6JB with JOTA at the Placer County Fair Grounds, thanks to all those who helped.

1/2017: PLUMAS, KI6YYUK, DL "Larry" Trotter: Tough weather month on the Plumas; deep snows, heavy rains, flooding and wind. Power outages were common and we had an operator in Portola on the air for quite a while on his own, monitoring and carrying traffic during a power outage there and at the hospital. Many of us monitored the repeater and 146.52 covering the Canyon to Chilcoot, La Porte to Chester, with road closures, slides and flooding. Nic work, All Y'All!!

2/2017: PLUMAS, KI6YYUK, DL "Larry" Trotter: On 21-22 February, the Plumas experienced a communication failure/blackout with internet, cellphone and radio communication for local LEOs and businesses down. Plumas ARES remained on stand-by and prepared to deploy. Our Mt. Hough repeater did not fail or falter throughout the event. Though OES did not call us out, we were ready to respond and cover the area. We maintained contact with local hospitals during the event, with permanent Stations on campus. We secured the 24 hour ops at around 1200 hours 22 Feb.

3/2017: PLUMAS, KI6YYUK, DL "Larry" Trotter: Both Plumas and Sierra Counties were adversely affected by the power outages and communication "blackout" in February 2017. As a result, the Loyalton area (Sierra County) lost all comm, including 911. John W1RK lives in the small community of Calpine is Sierra Co. and realized the need for an EmComm Station at the former Loyalton Hospital (now a Nursing Home under EPHC). Together with KI6YUK, we did a propagation survey in Loyalton, worked with EPHC, the Nursing Facility and LeTina Vanetti, Sierra Co, Emergency Prep Co-ord. and purchased all necessary equipment to establish a Station on the Loyalton EPHC Campus. Work is proceeding and should be completed in April 2017.

4/2017: PLUMAS, KI6YYUK, DL "Larry" Trotter: We installed and tested a new EmComm Station at the Loyalton Skilled Nursing Facility over in neighboring Sierra County this month. To get a few more qualified Operators, we'll be giving a HamCram and Technician Test in June. Nice to see some sunshine in the Sierras!

6/2017: PLUMAS, KI6YYUK, DL "Larry" Trotter: A busy month on the Plumas. To add to the Operator cadre in neighboring Sierra County and to operate the newly established EmComm Station in Loyalton's Skilled Nursing Facility, a HamCram and Technician Test was given by PARC members with a HUGE assist from SNARS VE's out in Loyalton, CA Thirteen folks took the Test with a 100% pass-rate!! Congratulations to 13 new Hams in the Northern Sierras!

7/2017: PLUMAS, KI6YUK, DL "Larry" Trotter: Pretty quiet month if we don't count the Minerva Fire just above and threatening the town of Quincy. No call-ups by OES, but many local Hams have been monitoring our Mt. Hough repeater, .520 and 146.550 Simplex, along with Fire, Sheriff, Air-to-Ground, CalFire and USFS frequencies on scanners. As of 1 August, some 2000 ground crews, air tankers, borate bombers, Super Scoopers, Sikorsky Sky Cranes Tankers, Helos, etc have held the fire at around 1800 acres @ 20% containment.

8/2017: PLUMAS, KI6YUK, DL "Larry" Trotter: Had 2 successful EmComm events this month, one at Round Valley, the other in North Arm of Indian Valley. Local forest fires kept locals on edge, but the Firefighters did a great job and mop-up continues. The alleged arsonist has been apprehended had no other fires have been set, though smoke from the Butte County Ponderosa fire has darkened the skies over the western Plumas. We remain on Stand-By, ready to assist if called upon. 73

9/2017: PLUMAS, KI6YUK, DL "Larry" Trotter: Our Club is a small one up in Quincy, so there's not a lot of money. The ladies in the Club thought a Yard Sale would be a good idea to generate cash to keep our equipment in service, repeaters, antennas, radios, etc. We held one on September 16th and now have some funds to hopefully get us through this Winter!

10/2017: PLUMAS, KI6YUK, DL (Larry) Trotter: We ended our EmComm season with the Grinduro Bicycle Event in Quincy and all had a great time. One lad from the High School has chosen Amateur radio as his Senior Project and KI6YUK has the honor of Elmering (ok...mentoring) him. Joined us on our Net tonight!

11/2017: PLUMAS, KI6YUK, DL (Larry) Trotter: A quiet month for the most part. While returning from Etna,CA on 11/13, KI6YUK happened on a truck and trailer wreck on Hwy 89, near Burney falls, rendered assistance and sent out an EmComm call in the blind on 146.520; released by CHP as IC (transfer) and returned to Quincy. The high school Senior whom I was was Elmering took and passed his Technician Exam with the SNARS folks over in Reno mid-November. Congrats Josiah!!

1/2017: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: Developed five American Red Cross forms to be used when operating with ARC using Flmsg: ARC-213_V1.1, ARC_Emergency_Welfare_Inquiry_Form_v_1.0, ARC_Requisition_6409_V.2.2, ARC_Safe_and_Well_v1.1, ARC_Unaccompanied_Minor_Form_v_1.0 Developed a presentation for a Radio club on using packet radio. Trained several people on the use of Winlink and packet, and Flmsg.

2/2017: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: Rather busy month: * Created and coded the "ARC Staff Injury Illness Record” forms the "Client Incident Report" forms for Red Cross that want ARES to be familiar with and use. * Gave a presentation to Sacramento County ARES on using Flmsg and the newly developed Red Cross forms for use at Shelters. * Presentation to Elk Grove ARC - an Overview of Packet Radio * Involved with collecting information from ARES groups involved with the Oroville Dam incident and monitoring nets that were running for the incident.

3/2017: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: Busy month - Several presentations this month: LDS Emergency Preparedness conference in Sacramento Overview of ARES and Packet Radio email. Presentation to Amador County ARES on Packet radio. Also attend ARES meeting in Sacramento, Placer, Yolo , and Amador counties.

4/2017: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: Multiple public service events this mont. Also a VE session. working on several Flmsg forms for a Emergency Comms group in Canada.

5/2017: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: May was a busy month, 3 public service events, one ARES exercise in Placer county, and 2 VE test sessions. June should be quieter.

6/2017: Section EC, N6SNO, Frank Reshke: Daily and weekly nets.

6/2017: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: Planning for the Eppies Great Race, Field Day PR information, and addending various ARES groups meetings.

7/2017: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: Main Activities in July- Planning and working the Eppie's Great Race, a VE test session in Amador, and phone support for Packet and Winlink Training.

10/2017: Section EC, N6SNO, Frank Reshke: Attended Pacificon syninars.

10/2017: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: This month worked the Foxy Fall bike ride, monitored and stayed in contact with the ARES groups that provided communications support to Red Cross. Also I have been working with Mike Burton of the Winlink Development group on added code/features to Winlink forms.

11/2017: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: This month's activies included continue work with the Winllink Forms team adding code to enhance the the usability of winlink forms. I was also involved in helping the planning or the California Internation Marathon. I worked the Clarksburg County run. I checked into multiple AREAS nets each week and talked to several operators on the phone assisting them get involved with packet radio and Winlink.

11/2017: Section Manager, N6SNO, Frank Reshke: Clarksburg Country Run

5/2017: SIERRA, N5TEN, Scott A. Schlefstein: Training is search & rescue style, with an HT on a very rugged mountain single trail system in rural Sierra Co., on a motorcycle. There is no cell service for miles. The band/freq. is local closed repeater use/testing. One hour public service, discussing amateur radio with Sierra County staff (EMS Coordinator) and Public Health at their offices. There were a number of hours spent on 40/60/80 meters via mobile radio this month.

6/2017: SIERRA, N5TEN, Scott A. Schlefstein: In Loyalton on June 10, 2017, a Ham Cram was hosted by VE's: W1RK, KA6NSN, and myself N5TEN. Each of us presented questions and answers out of the FCC test material for the students. Initially, we had 23 students signed up for the class through Sierra County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator LaTina Vanetti, KI7OJV (New ham who passed the test that day). At the end of the exam in the afternoon, we had a 100% pass rate and 13 new tech licensees. Because KA6NSN and I had family members taking the subsequent ham technician exam, we excused ourselves from the room when the tests were handed out. VE's from Reno Nevada came up to Loyalton that afternoon to assist in grading the exams. We very much appreciated that! My son Cody is now KM6LFU and he joins me in ARES drills/training into the future. On July 3, 2017 five hours of off-road search & rescue type training was completed with hand held radios. The areas covered were Sierra Brooks, Loyalton, Sierraville, and Nevada County Stampede Lake unincorporated areas north of Truckee, California using 440 UHF. Four Hours additional time spent on solar powered base station at home QTH on 40 meters and 80 meters. Regular contacts made in Santa Maria, Oregon, Bay Area, and Las Vegas.

8/2017: SIERRA, N5TEN, Scott A. Schlefstein: Same hours indicated as prior month. Membership or hours has not changed.

11/2017: SIERRA, N5TEN, Scott A. Schlefstein: I added October hours to November's report. There were also extra hours due to a crisis in the town of Loyalton with the closing and destruction of a local mobile home park. The situation was like a natural disaster, however man-made because the state revoked the park operating permit, a receivership was appointed and the way it was handled: trailers destroyed by heavy equipment while residents still living there, watched in horror. Local news stations reported on the event numerous times (I was interviewed as the county supervisor), the residents obtained a lawyer, courts were involved, etc. One of our members lived in the park. We had hourly and sometimes minute by minute reports over our repeater for situation on the ground. Our member had to abandon his home, but I assisted him and helped with many hours moving, assisting with funds, communicating, and storing his towers on my property so they wouldn't be confiscated. Our member ended up leaving the county, but will remain a member until we know for sure whether he can come back or not. There were hours upon hours of meetings, logistics, radio comms, etc, during this time. The park is completely demolished with all the homes smashed and left in place, as if a tornado had struck there. During this period, I also spent 1 hour+ checking the local emergency hospital ham station because it was having RX issues on local repeaters.

6/2017: TRINITY, KJ6OCL, KARL FISHER: Some of our members provided radio communications for a horse ride event in remote area of Southfork Mountain. The communications were appreciated and were asked to handle communications for a July endurance horse ride.

1/2017: YOLO-COLUSA, KJ6VHE, Douglas Hollowell: Held a simplex net on Jan. 23 and created a document outlining which members could contact each other. The simplex test provided some surprising results.

6/2017: YOLO-COLUSA, KJ6VHE, Douglas Hollowell: Yolo ARES AEC Bill Ragsdale, K6KN, did a commendable job coordinating the Field Day activity.

7/2017: YOLO-COLUSA, KJ6VHE, Douglas Hollowell: Gary Matteson, WA6TQJ, and Bill Ragsdale, K6KN, are offering free introductory CW classes to interested citizens in the Woodland, CA area. Way to be Amateur Radio "ambassadors", guys!!

2/2017: YUBA-SUTTER, k6taz, Steve Sweetman: Opened and ran emergency net during oroville dam evacuations and when evacuations were lifted and evacuees were returning home. 5 ARES members assisted and were standing by monitoring.

9/2017: YUBA-SUTTER, KJ6IYM, Andy Boone: this is my first report. hopefully i got most of it right!


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