Sacramento Section EC Report for Year 2017

Report for:

The number after the county reflects the number of hours they have submitted during the year.

Section Manager: 0 Section EC: 374      
District 1 EC: 60 District 2 EC: 0 District 3 EC: 50 District 4 EC: 10 District 5: 128
TRINITY: 236       EL DORADO: 22
        TAHOE BASIN*: 0

* EC position is OPEN

Section Information for FSD-96

ARRL Section: Sacramento Valley Section
Year: 2017
Total number of ARES members 360
Change since last year
(+, -, same)
8     +
Number of DECs/ECs reports this year 61
Number of ARES nets active: 211  
Number of nets with NTS liaison: 33 
Number of drills, tests and training sessions this year
NUmber of drill Person hours 3121 
Number of public service events this month
total PS Person hours 853 
Number of emergency operations this year
Totl Emergency Person Hours 1397 
Total number of ARES operations this year 395 
Total Person hours 5766 

Comments submitted during the year :

1/2017: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2017 DCART January comment Floods and Blizzards standby time occupied DCART team members while Washoe, Lyon and Storey counties ARES teams actively responded. Our counties, including Douglas and Alpine counties declared Emergencies. Douglas had flooding issues as well, however, we did not lose power or internet and the emergency services people stayed in business. We did spend some intense standby time as we kept in touch with our 911 Dispatch Center Director. Mutual aid planning was in place and affirmed as Lyon County almost needed a person. They found a workaround so we did not send anyone. Three of our members, KJ6IX, KJ7UK, and N7TNX, spent active time at Nevada Division of Emergency Management communications.

2/2017: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2017 DCART February comment Douglas County Amateur Radio Team (DCART) members stood by monitoring our repeater a lot of hours to keep current on our Douglas County, Carson City, and Alpine County flood, weather and road conditions. While not formally activated ourselves, county officials had their hands full with high water/flooding in the rivers and streams as well as mud/landslides and roads erosion. Many roads and highways were closed. High winds downed a lot of trees and lines, not to mention my own HF antenna. KA7UIS got it back up then had his shoulder surgery. (He figured they were going to fix it anyway-so...) Our neighbors had their power line replaced in the middle of the night. Things seem calmer now and we are having some decent weather though it is chilly.

3/2017: ALPINE, KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2017 DCART March comment Douglas County Amateur Radio Team (DCART) members reported a lot of volunteer hours. Time was spent on ICS training, meetings, nets, getting antennas up or back up (Nevada Zephyrs), preparing personal radio equipment and ICS paperwork, working with Nevada Division of Emergency Management, working with Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, packet radio operations, general training operations and working on Communications Mobile Units. Some of the training is happening at our Nevada Convention in Las Vegas. The rest of the NV Con training and news will be counted for April.

1/2017: AMADOR, KJ6WYW, Daniel L. Edwards: Thanks Greg.

1/2017: BUTTE, kk6evx, Dale Anderson:

2/2017: BUTTE, kk6evx, Dale Anderson: The average hrs was about 9 to 10 for every one involved.

3/2017: District 1, N7JIL, Jim Linden: We are making a lot progress in setting up Winlink network in Modoc. We now have a Pactor 3 modem which improves HF speed. The served agencies are really excited about the ability of ARES sending critical e-mails when we lose Internet up here.

2/2017: District 5, W6RWL, Ralph Lucas: Great Job to all that were part of the Oroville Dam issue.

1/2017: LASSEN, K6ME, Terry L Cobb Sr.: Lassen County declared a flooding emergency and the local ARES group was put on standby. The County EOC was activated and 7 ARES members were given operations instructions and a schedule for the County Dispatch Center by two Calif. State employees who rotated shifts at the EOC. The EOC was active for 3 days but the ARES group was not activated to cover the EOC as flooding was not as serious as anticipated.

2/2017: MODOC, KJ6ZUW, DANIEL H STOSSMEISTER: We're upgrading our linked repeater system to facilitate Packet & WINLINK communications. We've also reached out to Lassen Co. to extend our range for emergency communications. Currently our linked system includes: > Happy Camp Mountain, 6500 ft near Canby Ca. ( 147.075 rptr) > Payne Peak, 8000 ft. near Cedarville Ca. ( currently have 147.045 rptr > and our APRS 144.39 system which is ID'd as Happy Camp on the APRS web > page, just moved it to test location and didn't update) > Barnes Grade, 6000 ft. near of Alturas Ca. ( 145.49 rptr.) > All back boned via Payne on our 444.250 rptr /backbone

3/2017: MODOC, KJ6ZUW, DANIEL H STOSSMEISTER: We've made significant progress in re-establishing a packet network in county and are making contacts to make connections to neighboring counties also.

1/2017: PLACER, N6CKV, Carl First: The Placer County ARES group had a good face to face meeting with Jim Piper N6MED of the Red Cross. Jim spoke on the role of the Red Cross, how hams can help the Red Cross, and the Red Cross forms in FlMsg.

2/2017: PLACER, N6CKV, Carl First: Placer County ARES stood by to help with the flood and the Oroville event this month

3/2017: PLACER, N6CKV, Carl First: Placer County ARES had a face to face meeting March 25th where the members showed their "Go Kits"

1/2017: PLUMAS, KI6YYUK, DL "Larry" Trotter: Tough weather month on the Plumas; deep snows, heavy rains, flooding and wind. Power outages were common and we had an operator in Portola on the air for quite a while on his own, monitoring and carrying traffic during a power outage there and at the hospital. Many of us monitored the repeater and 146.52 covering the Canyon to Chilcoot, La Porte to Chester, with road closures, slides and flooding. Nic work, All Y'All!!

2/2017: PLUMAS, KI6YYUK, DL "Larry" Trotter: On 21-22 February, the Plumas experienced a communication failure/blackout with internet, cellphone and radio communication for local LEOs and businesses down. Plumas ARES remained on stand-by and prepared to deploy. Our Mt. Hough repeater did not fail or falter throughout the event. Though OES did not call us out, we were ready to respond and cover the area. We maintained contact with local hospitals during the event, with permanent Stations on campus. We secured the 24 hour ops at around 1200 hours 22 Feb.

3/2017: PLUMAS, KI6YYUK, DL "Larry" Trotter: Both Plumas and Sierra Counties were adversely affected by the power outages and communication "blackout" in February 2017. As a result, the Loyalton area (Sierra County) lost all comm, including 911. John W1RK lives in the small community of Calpine is Sierra Co. and realized the need for an EmComm Station at the former Loyalton Hospital (now a Nursing Home under EPHC). Together with KI6YUK, we did a propagation survey in Loyalton, worked with EPHC, the Nursing Facility and LeTina Vanetti, Sierra Co, Emergency Prep Co-ord. and purchased all necessary equipment to establish a Station on the Loyalton EPHC Campus. Work is proceeding and should be completed in April 2017.

1/2017: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: Developed five American Red Cross forms to be used when operating with ARC using Flmsg: ARC-213_V1.1, ARC_Emergency_Welfare_Inquiry_Form_v_1.0, ARC_Requisition_6409_V.2.2, ARC_Safe_and_Well_v1.1, ARC_Unaccompanied_Minor_Form_v_1.0 Developed a presentation for a Radio club on using packet radio. Trained several people on the use of Winlink and packet, and Flmsg.

2/2017: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: Rather busy month: * Created and coded the "ARC Staff Injury Illness Record” forms the "Client Incident Report" forms for Red Cross that want ARES to be familiar with and use. * Gave a presentation to Sacramento County ARES on using Flmsg and the newly developed Red Cross forms for use at Shelters. * Presentation to Elk Grove ARC - an Overview of Packet Radio * Involved with collecting information from ARES groups involved with the Oroville Dam incident and monitoring nets that were running for the incident.

3/2017: Section EC, KG6SJT, Gregory Kruckewitt: Busy month - Several presentations this month: LDS Emergency Preparedness conference in Sacramento Overview of ARES and Packet Radio email. Presentation to Amador County ARES on Packet radio. Also attend ARES meeting in Sacramento, Placer, Yolo , and Amador counties.

1/2017: YOLO-COLUSA, KJ6VHE, Douglas Hollowell: Held a simplex net on Jan. 23 and created a document outlining which members could contact each other. The simplex test provided some surprising results.

2/2017: YUBA-SUTTER, k6taz, Steve Sweetman: Opened and ran emergency net during oroville dam evacuations and when evacuations were lifted and evacuees were returning home. 5 ARES members assisted and were standing by monitoring.


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