OREGON     Situation Report  SITREP     Vers 6

  1. To  {var To}
        Agency Name and Office Routing       

  2. SITREP{var SITREP}     

  3. Categories with Brief Description

{var Cat}

  4. Event Name: {var EveName}
  5. {var Seq}   {var SeqNum}                     

  6. Situation Summary

{var Summary}

  7. Past 24 Hours Summary
{var Summary2} 

  8. Next 24 Hours Planned Action

{var Summary3}

  9. Efforts by Other Agencies or Organizations

{var Summary4}

  10.  Date and Time Approved:  {var AuthTime}

  11. Authorizing Officials Name: {var Auth}  

  12.  Authorizing Officials Position:  {var AuthPos}
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