California International Marathon

The California International Marathon in Sacramento on December 8, 2013 dreq more than 9,000 runners. The runners and the 24 amateur radio operators supporting this event braved low 30 degree temperatures. Net Control for the amateur radio operators was located in a fire department trailer. Frank, N6SNO, John, KI6ZWW, Chuck, W6AQM, Computer operations, and Andrea, KI6VGK operated as net control operators. Kaiser Medical personnel, AMR dispatch, and a race official were also located in the trailer.

The following operators also participated in this event:
Mike ki6vkv, Marty w6toc, Jan kf6cxq, Bill kg6kpz, Cheri kb6dsq, Gordon wb6ovh, Jim n6esv, Don ke6gmj, Steve w6wbo, Vince ki6nhp, Dan ke6iuz, Will w4ys, Brian wj6h, Lee w6lfr, Michael kj6lmq, Mike nm3s, Charles wg6cfs, Jim kj6mou, Richard ki6kww.

The amateur radio opertors did an outstanding job providing real time conditions on the course. Well done! Thank you to all of the volunteers that worked hard to provided the necessry support for this event.

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IMG_0385 IMG_0386 IMG_0387 Photos by
Vince KI6NHP

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