Create a Script to Send Saved FLmsg Form files from Outpost

READ THE DOCUMENTATION for using this application.
This web page will help you create a custom Outpost script to find and send FLmsg form files you have saved to outpost.
The script will run find the file, create the message, send the form file, then exit until you need to send another form.

Your TNC Name (set in Outpost) example: KPC-3 ( In Outpost, the TNC set-up you will use)
Name of Target BBS (set in Outpost) example: ARES, or kg6sjt-1 (The BBS you are sending messages to)
Your Call Sign example: kg6sjt
Target Call sign to send to: example: WU6X (Usually the packet net controller)
Path to FolderToCheck

example: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\messages\

Folder to move files to example: Sent
If you have any problems, questions, or suggestions, please email

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