FSD-212 Monthly DEC/EC Report,
Sacramento Valley Section

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Total ARES Operations and Total Volunteer Hours will be automatically calculated from your entries.
Total number of ARES members
Change since last month
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Amount of Change:
Local Net Name:
County NTS liaison:
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Total number of ARES Nets:
How many nets did you have?
Total ARES Nets hours:
How many hours did members participate in ARES nets
Number of nets with NTS liaison:
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Number of drills, tests, meetings, and training sessions this month:
Training, meetings, and drill sessions other than nets
Total number of ARES Volunteer hours:
Add hours members participated in meetings, and ARES activities INcluding EC Admin time
Number of public service events this month:
Public service Volunteer hours:
Number of emergency operations this month:
Emergency operations Volunteer hours:
Total number of ARES operations this month:
* Auto calculated:
Total of nets + Meetings & Training+ Public Service events
+ emergency operations
Total Volunteer hours:

* Auto calculated:
Total of net hours + ARES volunteer hours
+ public Service hours + emergency hours

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View the Section EC FSD-96 Report