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Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Preparedness
Mobile Apps | Weather & Safety Apps for iPhone & Android | Red Cross
Various apps available for download for Apple and Android devices.
Go Kits
Emergency Preparedness
How do we get all our HT equipment out of the drawer and into our hands when we need it?? With a little research, we came up with the ideas and links posted in this section.

C. Edward Harris, KE4SKY, VA RACES State Training Officeraid: 'It is better to have the bare essentials always handy than to leave a bulky pack someplace where you can't get to it.'? This has been our inspiration for this project.
Go Kits
Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Go Bag
KC2IXE, a member of NYC ARES, carries some basic emergency gear with him ALL the time. He uses a 3 plus layer system.
The layers are:
Layer 1 - On my Person
Layer 2 - In my Backpack
Layer 3 - In the car/house, ready to go
Go Kits
Emergency Preparedness
Build A Kit | Ready.gov
A disaster supplies kit is simply a collection of basic items your household may need in the event of an emergency.
Try to assemble your kit well in advance of an emergency.
Be Prepared- Fire
Emergency Preparedness
National Weather Service - Western Region Headquarters
Western Region Fire Weather
Be Prepared- Fire
Emergency Preparedness
Wildfires | Ready.gov
Fact Sheet: Wildland Fires
The threat of wildland fires for people living near wildland areas or using recreational facilities in wilderness areas is real. Advance planning and knowing how to protect buildings in these areas can lessen the devastation of a wildland fire.
Be Prepared- Fire
Emergency Preparedness
Wildfire Zone
UC Cooperative Extension, with special funding from the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, developed a site that creates awareness of wildfire risks and hazards and offers tips on how to reduce them: Lots of links.
Be Prepared- Fire
Emergency Preparedness
Fire Resource and Assessment Program (FRAP) - Home
The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection's Fire and Resource Assessment Program (FRAP) provides a variety of products including the Forest and Range Assessment, a detailed report on California’s forests and rangelands. FRAP provides extensive technical and public information for statewide fire threat, fire hazard, watersheds, socio-economic conditions, environmental indicators, and forest-related climate change. Much of this information involves Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis, tables, maps, data and calculation tools that are available on this website.
Emergency Preparedness Plan & Prepare for an Emergency
The Preparedness Division develops and maintains state-level emergency plans and guidance to ensure consistency in disaster planning at all levels of government and community.
Emergency Preparedness
RACES Resource Library Disaster Survival Skills for the Urban Environment
- Disaster Survival Skills for the Urban Environment Updated Sept. 2007 (PowerPoint 3.26 Mb)
- The Day After: 24 Hours Following A Nuclear Blast (PDF 1.01 Mb)
- The First Scenario: A Nuclear Attack!
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