Sacramento Valley 40m HF Test January 10 @ 10am

The Placer Co. ARES will be voice testing with a 40m Magnetic Loop antenna from Sutter Roseville Medical Center (SRMC) parking structure, Saturday, January 10, 2015, starting at 1000 hours. We are seeking assistance from HF stations in the region to report back over the below frequency our signal strength, modulation, clarity, along their call sign, first name, location, type of antenna, radio and wattage being used. Request all stations also record their findings and emailing them to John Hestenes NT6ET (email address link above). This will help us evaluate this type of antenna.

Note: During the testing, we may try various wattages or possibly rotating the antenna, so there may be short periods of dead time to tune the antenna when the power changes or the antenna is changed. If you cant receive or lose our HF signal, you may want to check in with me on the 2m resource frequency listed below, to find out if there were any HF frequency changes or if we are transmitting. If you cant reach me on the 2m resource repeater, you can call me on my cell at 916-221-2252.

BACKGROUND: Placer Co. ARES mission is to prepare and serve our regional communities with emergency communications in a time of need. As such, we support and staff redundant emergency communications at SRMC in Roseville. SRMC is a Level II Trauma Center, which serves a large, seven county region that includes Placer, Nevada, Sutter, Yolo, Yuba and portions of Sacramento and El Dorado counties.

PURPOSE OF THE TEST: To find an HF antenna best suited to be used at SRMC (which will work well regionally, without the use of repeaters, along with ease of quick setup with limited staffing during an emergency). We welcome the input from those experienced with HF antennas (will be seeking to test an 80m magnetic loop in the future, so let us know if you have or know of one we could test with).

DATE AND TIME OF TEST: Saturday, January 10, 2015, On Air starting at 1000 hours.

RADIO TEST FREQUENCY: Starting and staying at 7214 KHz (unless busy).


2m TESTING RESOURCE FREQUENCY: N6ICW (repeater) 147.195 + PL 123.0

The Placer County ARES thanks all those participating in this test. Please direct all antenna testing reports and HF antenna info to John Hestenes NT6ET (email address link above). If you would like to assist us in future testing or have any questions, please contact me. We thank you all for your time and effort!

Marty Machado, W6TOC
Assistant Emergency Coordinator
Placer County ARES
Cell: 916-221-2252
Email: <> <>

If you can hear the test net, but are not able to check in, please send an email to or with your name, location, call sign, and signal report.