Sacramento Valley 40m HF Test January 10 @ 10am

On Saturday, 10 Jan 2015, at 10:00 am (1800 UTC) Placer County ARES conducted an HF communications test net on the 40 meter band (frequency 7214 kHz LSB) from Sutter Roseville Medical Center (SRMC) in Roseville, CA. The total time of the test was a little over one hour. The equipment used included an Alinco DX-SR8 transceiver and an MFJ-1788 “Magnetic Loop” antenna that was being tested. 22 radio operators checked in and exchanged signal reports from northern and southern California and Nevada. A preliminary test had been done on Tuesday, 6 Jan 2015, at 10:00 am. Notice of the larger regional test on Saturday was given via VHS radio, packet radio, email and telephone.

Please click the following links for more information on this test and exercise:

   40 meter Magnetic Loop antenna test Exercise Planning document

   Executive Summary: SRMC HF Communications Test Report, January 10, 2015:

   Emergency Radio Report for 2015-01-14 for the Emergency Preparedness Committee

   Google Map of stations that checked into Sutter Roseville Medical Center

    YouTube video of test signals & audio recorded by Carol Milazzo, KP4MD, with a Flex 3000 SDR.

   MP3 Audio only recording of test from Flex 3000 SDR

   Magnetic Loop antenna test results: log of stations heard, signal reports, direction and bearings.

The following stations participated in this exercise
NT6ET John Hestenes SRMC (HF Net Control for test.)
W6TOC Marty Machado SRMC (VHF Net Control)
WA0MJD Duane Wyatt SRMC (Loop owner/tuner)
KG6FFK Chuck Minton SRMC (acting as scribe)

K6CBB Bobby Burmeister Antelope, CA
N6CKV Carl First Penryn, CA
KK6CUG Jeff Wagner Cedar Ridge, CA
KK6CZJ Don Kirkpatrick Pioneer, CA
NE5EE Dave Gomberg San Francisco

AG6EL CRAIG Hanson Volcano, CA
N6EMS Bob Patton Grass Valley/Nevada City, CA
K6GYM Jim Darby Lincoln, CA
N5JEF Jef Allbright Auburn, CA
N7JIL Jim Linden, Sr Canby, CA
KB6LTY Christy Hunter Apple Valley, CA
KP4MD Carol Milazzo Citrus Heights, CA
KI6NHP Vince Cracchiolo Charmichael, CA
KF6OBI Mike Ellithorp Willows, CA

AG6QO Joe DeAngelo Sutter Davis, Davis, CA
KG6SJT Greg Kruckewitt Sutter Davis, Davis, CA
W7TKO Peter Johnsen Winnemucca, NV
KJ7UK Dick Creley Gardnerville, NV
KI6WDY Jerry Schneider Elk Grove. CA

K6WLS Ken WIlson Sutter Davis, Davis, CA
KJ6WYW Dan Edwards Pioneer, CA
AK7YT Glenn Blanke Stockton, CA