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Real-Time Fire Map of Active Wildfires in the US

This map was developed for Oregon Live. the map is updated every 30 minutes.    8/24/2015

Ultra-portable Packet Station

Joe, AG6QO wrote: Kenwood produces a beautiful little HT known as the TH-D72, which is a dual band 5 W transceiver, with built-in GPS and TNC. This makes it not only a nice mobile APRS unit, but a travelling packet station with the addition of a MS Windows based Venue 8 Pro tablet

He has installed puTTY, Outpost, RMS Express, and even Paclink and Thunderbird on this little 16 GB table which turns it into the ultra-portable packet station he needed for remote access to the AG6QO-1 BBS and radio mail.
Check out the AG6QO web site http://ag6qo.com/RpiBPQnode.html#tablet    7/5/2015

"2015 Sacramento Stand Down" Helping Veterans Stand Up

"2015 Sacramento Stand Down" Helping Veterans Stand Up (Sept. 18th. - 20th.)

Date: 9/18/2015
Start time: 0800 on 18th. and 19th. - 1700 on 18th and 19th.
County: Sacramento
Location: Mather Field, Rancho Cordova, Ca.

I need five (5) operators per day, two days Fri. 18th. Sat. 19th. You will need a 2M ht. Be able to talk to and respect homeless individuals. And have fun using a PA system to pass information.

Radio operator helps is requested.

Contact: Dan Wise dwke6iuz@yahoo.com    6/25/2015

ARES Deployment and Assignment Form

The ARES Deployment and Assignment Form, helps ARES members gather and organize information they might need for deployment or activation.    6/17/2015

Updated Amateur Radio Emergency Service Manual Now Online

The latest edition (March 2015) of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) Manual now is online. This edition includes various Incident Command System (ICS) forms for ARES use, clarifies the role of the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), contains an improved chapter on ARES training, and includes all current ARRL memoranda of understanding/agreement.    6/4/2015

Wildfire Awareness Week

This week is Wildfire Awareness Week. And this year is looking to possibly be the worst on record for wildfires. Especially since there was a recent news article on KCRA TV 3 saying there are approximately twelve million trees that are either already dead or dying. Here is the article and slideshow:

Survey: Drought kills 12 million California trees <http://www.kcra.com/news/survey-drought-kills-12-million-california-trees/32805442> . Firefighters worry dead timber will explode in fire.
Photos: Death by drought for Sierra Nevada trees. <http://www.kcra.com/news/death-by-drought/32805884>

For reference, you can visit Cal Fire's Ready for Wildfire website <http://www.readyforwildfire.org/> . It has helpful tips and other suggestions on how to prepare for this year's fire season. The USFS has a good checklist <http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5315416.pdf> , too, that includes parking your vehicle in the garage while you're loading it. That way, you're not overtaken by smoke. FEMA has a section on their Ready.gov website <http://www.ready.gov/wildfires> about wildfires, too. Cal Fire posts information on current fires on their Current Fire Information webpage . And the Forest Service uses InciWeb Incident Information System . To include with all of these checklists and wildfire information, I would also ensure your bags are ready and radios programmed and charged. Speaking of radios.

For those of you who are interested, Cal Fire has updated radio frequencies <http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?aid=1008> that are interstitial (2.5 kHz channel spacing) to keep within the FCC narrowband requirement. There is information for OES radio frequencies <http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?aid=1009> as well. For radio frequency information on the entire state of California, please follow this link <http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?stid=6> . The US Forest Service also has radio frequencies <http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?aid=4301> that are interstitial. To be able to successfully monitor these new interstitial frequencies, you need a radio that is capable of the 2.5kHz channel spacing.    5/6/2015

Red Cross and ARES Exercise April 16, 2015

The Gold County Region of The American Red Cross conducted a multi-county shelter exercise on April 16th. ARES was to support communications. The planning documents that were used by ARES for this exercise are now posted and available for viewing. Comments and "Lessons Learned" have also been posted.    4/12/2015

IARU Emergency Telecommunications Guide Available Online

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Emergency Telecommunications Guide is now available for download from the IARU website. The guide was developed to provide the IARU member-societies with materials suitable for training radio amateurs to participate in emergencies. It also was designed to provide guidance to individual Amateur Radio operators with little or no experience in handling emergency communications but desire to enhance their ability to participate in such events or to simply have a better understanding of the process. ARRL has a link to this information.    3/13/2015

2014 Sacramento Valley ARES Section Volunteer Time Report

Congratulations to the Sacramento Valley ARES groups!
In 2014, ECs reported 12,600 of volunteer hours.
Thank you to the ECs who submitted their monthly reports and to all of the dedicated ARES members for their work.

Fred D. Carey, KF7QVB, appointed as Placer County ARES Emergency Coordinator

Congratulations to Fred D. Carey, KF7QVB, who has been appointed as Placer County Emergency Coordinator.
kf7qvb@hotmail.com    2/9/2015

WB6KDZ, Stan McEtchin to receive the Congressional Gold Medal

At 12 Noon PST, 3 February, C-SPAN will carry the award ceremony for the
surviving members of the Special Services Force, more commonly known as
the "Black Devils", when they receive the Congressional Gold Medal.
WB6KDZ, Stan McEtchin, a member of the Chico GEARS club will be among
the recipients. The award will take place in Washington D.C. at the
Expedition Hall.

Read House Speaker John Boehner's Remarks about the Devil’s Brigade.

There is a very nice interview on KNVN TV.

There are numerous YouTube videos regarding this most courageous group
of American and Canadian warriors. One is a 48 minute presentation well
worth your time. Just choose "The Black Devils--FULL SHOW--FIRST SPECIAL
".    2/2/2015

Report on the Placer County ARES HF Test from Sutter Roseville Medical Center

On Saturday, 10 Jan 2015, at 10:00 am (1800 UTC) Placer County ARES conducted an HF communications test net on the 40 meter band (frequency 7214 kHz LSB) from Sutter Roseville Medical Center (SRMC) in Roseville, CA. The total time of the test was a little over one hour. The equipment used included an Alinco DX-SR8 transceiver and an MFJ-1788 “Magnetic Loop” antenna that was being tested. 22 radio operators checked in and exchanged signal reports from northern and southern California and Nevada. Read more information.    1/13/2015

Sacramento ARES Conducted a Basic Radio training for CERT

On January 3, 2015 at Cosumnes Fire Training Facility, John KI6ZWW and Vince KI6NHP put on a basic Radio training class for area CERT groups. There were 55 people in attendance and were represented by CERT groups from Elk Grove, Folsom, West Sacramento, Metro Fire, and Sacramento City CERT.    1/6/2015

Sacramento Area Mesh Networking Group

We have started a directory of information and links to the Mesh Networking project that Joe AG6QO has started. There is also a link to a Yahoo group for SacArea MeshNets that will allow you to get in on the discussion and fun.    12/21/2014

Daily Packet Net to test paths to Nevada

The Nevada NW Packet group runs a daily packet check-in net.
Each day they poll messages each morning to test their ability to get information in and out of the area. The tests let them know their paths are open and the systems are working.

You can join in on this daily packet net by sending a packet message to a full service BBS to KJ7UK@KJ6IX.#WNV.NV.USA.NOAM to get on the list. You will receive a packet message each day that you can just respond to, and if you have traffic add it to the message.

Here are some Full Service Packet BBS in Northern California:

BBS connect call Location User Frequency

* N6RME-1 Diamond Springs, covering the greater Sacramento area 145.09
* N0ARY-1 Mt. Umunhum (south of San Jose), covering the San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay, and Gilroy area 145.09 433.371
* W6RAY-3 (SJVBBS) Park Ridge (east of Fresno), covering the South Central Valley 145.09 441.50
* WA6EWV-1 South Lake Tahoe 145.05
* AG6QO-1 Winters covering most of the western Sacramento valley 144.370 via node berr37

If you are using packet radio, this is a great way to test your equipment.

Sacramento Valley ARES Primary Frequencies for each county

An updated list of the primary frequencies used by ARES groups in each county in the Sacramento Valley Section.    11/13/2014

Photos from the Department of Water Resources Twitchell Island Exercise

Sacramento County and members of Yolo County ARES participated in a flood exercise on Twitchell Island. Teams of radio operators were assigned to each of the exercise sites.

The exercise went very well for all. During the hotwash, the event coordinators were impressed with Amateur Radio Operators' performance. It was noted that ARES were the first to notice and call in a second levee boil in one location.
Photos from ICP: http://sacvalleyares.org/contents/Gallery/TwitchellIsland

Photos of the field operations from the Twitchell Island Levee exercise courtesy of Sharman Wood, Yolo County Office of Emergency Services and Eric Guenzler, KG6BZT, Sacramento County ARES.    10/22/2014

Yolo, Sacramento, and Placer County Everbridge Alert System Sign up

It is most important that each of your ARES members properly signup up for the Everbridge Alert system. Find out how you can get registered with Everbridge.

Sacramento, Placer and Yolo Counties Sign up page/    8/26/2014

Latest Version of the National Interoperability Field Guide

The Department of Homeland security has released a new version of the National Interoperability Field Guide.

The NIFOG can be downloaded at:

An index of tools and documents is available:

The Public Safety Library site that has links to an Adroid and Apple mobile OS apps that lets you download and manage documents.
http://publicsafetytools.info/pslib    8/1/2014

How to Monitor Major CalFire Incidents

The following link has a lot of good information on how to understand what is happening on a major Cal Fire incident. 


 Be sure to follow the links contained on the page: 
Incident Command System <http://scancal.org/calfire/ics/index.html>
Communications on Major Fire<http://scancal.org/calfire/ics/communications.html>
Parts of a Major Fire <http://scancal.org/airattack/parts.html> , 
Strike Teams <http://scancal.org/calfire/striketeam.html>

FCC Proposed Rule Change RM-11708

There is concern by many amateur radio operators regarding the proposed
rule change RM-11708. The proposal by the ARRL will allow the CW/Data areas of the HF bands to be used for 2.8 MHz wide full power unlimited baud rate data transmissions. Some of these transmissions will come from automated stations.

Read the Filing by ARRL, The National Association for Amateur Radio in RM-11708 on 11/15/2013

RM-11708 FAQ - ARRL
Why did the ARRL think the petition to eliminate regulation by symbol rate was needed? and more.

A letter from Eric Guenzler, KG6BZT with information about this proposed rule change and how it could affect the CW/Data portion of the HF bands.

File a comment with the FCC.    7/4/2014

CAL OES EF6 Mass Care, Drought, and Fire Summit

Slides and After Action Reports from the CAL OES Mass Care Drought and Fire Summit May 1, 2014    5/3/2014

Amateur Radio Lessons Learned from the Oso disaster

An email from George Boswell, K7YHB, who worked the Oso Landslide as ARES a team member. He has written some "lessons learned" That we can all take to heart.    4/30/2014

Sacramento Valley Section Event Calendar

A Calendar of Events has been added to the web site to allow viewing of amateur ARES and club radio events in in Sacramento Valley Section.

Are you looking for amateur radio events where you could volunteer?
Events were the coordinators are looking for extra radio operators to help out will be listed with a "+" in the event title.
If your radio group would like to add an event to the calendar go to:
Suggest an event to add.    4/6/2014

Using FLmsg with Outpost Packet Manager to send Form Data

During the Regional ARES exercise in March, the value of using packet for sending information digitally was appreciated. Although several digital programs such as FLdigi and Winlink can send form data digitally, it is cumbersome with a packet program such as Outpost Packet Manager.

The Outpost Packet Manager has been embraced by many ARES groups in the US for digital packet messaging. In a project to make it easy to send and work with form data from FLmsg, a form manager design to work with FLdigi, we have created step by step instructions to enable the use of FLmsg forms to send form data with Outpost to a PBBS or a full service BBS, and when form data is received in a message in Outpost, to recreate the original form.

Documentation for using FLmsg and Outpost usage and well as a web based tool to create a custom Outpost Script that will work with your packet setup.    3/27/2014

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Welcome to the Sacramento Valley ARES web site

This web site for Sacramento Valley ARES groups, is a place for ARES groups to share information. It is under development. As we collect material and information, more features will be come active and features added.    10/22/2013
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