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Operators are need WSER & TEVIS CUP Events on June 24-25, 2016 and July 23-24, 2016

Operators are need WSER & TEVIS CUP Events on June 24-25, 2016 and July 23-24, 2016. If you're interested go to http://comm.wstrail.org/commvolform.htm web site and sign up for these events. Call Ralph 408-640-0963 or w6rwl@arrl.net with any questions.

Eppie's Great Race July 16, 2016 needs Radio Operators

Eppie's Great Race is on July 16, 2016. Sacramento County ARES is looking for radio operators to help support the event. You will need either a Mobile or HT radio and to be available to help on July 16th.
Sign up page...    5/25/2016

Learn to use your club's repeater’s Autopatch - it could save a life

On Monday May 23, 2016 Amador Amateur Radio Club President Paul Keeton KI6LZC, was on deployment with the Red Cross in Calaveras Co. for the Butte Fire Recovery. He was headed to the house where they are staying in West Point, when he came across the woman lying on the roadway(Bald Mountain Rd.). There was no cell signal there, so he used the auto patch available on the Amador repeater to call 911. This was an excellent example of the autopatch use. Paul would have had to drive to the nearest town (West Point) to use a phone there. As Paul noted - "Very handy up here in the mountains." The woman recovered and was tended to by people she knew.    5/25/2016

Placer County ARES with assistance from Sacramento ARES participate in MCI exercise

May 18, 2016. Over 20 members from Placer County ARES with assistance from Sacramento County ARES participated in the Placer County MCI Emergency Response Drill. ARES provided voice communications between the various locations as well passing packet traffic between Sutter Roseville and Sutter Auburn hospitals.
Placer County posted videos from the exercise http://placer.ca.gov/news/2016/may/mass-casualty-exercise    5/19/2016

ARES Accident Report form by Larry Trotter KI6YUK, Plumas EC

ARES Accident Report form by Larry Trotter, KI6YUK Plumas EC. Good to keep copies in vehicle. This version is a Microsoft Word file that you can modify.


The Amateur Radio Operators Preparing for the Worst In natural or man-made disasters

From The Atlantic: The Amateur Radio Operators Preparing for the Worst
In natural or man-made disasters, ham-radio enthusiasts put their hobby to work.
http://tinyurl.com/j4pnhlx    3/15/2016

Sacramento Valley Section ARES Tri-fold brochure.

Sacramento Valley Section ARES Tri-fold brochure. Easy to customize with your contact info.
http://tinyurl.com/guvp7ze    3/13/2016

Learn how ARES Report forms are filled out and how ARRL uses the data.

Great information for all ARES ECs, DECs, and ARES members.
YouTube Recording of the ARRL March 1 2016 ARRLWebinar: https://t.co/JWb4eIy7GB    3/10/2016

This Might Shock You: Downed Power Line

Good information with all the recent high winds. Learn about "Step Potential"
From Puget Sound Energy
https://youtu.be/fLVzvMTgGDY    3/9/2016

New Winlink Packet gateway

John Pekarek KF6DQU has installed a new Winlink packet gateway on Mount Banner at 4000 feet, Nevada county CM99MG.
KF6DQU-10 145.050. It also supports the packet node BANNER.
This is good news for ARES in Nevada County and many winlink packet users in the Sacramento Valley.    2/19/2016

Incredible 45-day storm turned California into a 300-mile-long sea and it could happen again

A massive 19th-century storm on the Pacific coast of the US opened up a 300-mile-long sea that stretched through much of the central part of California.

And it looks like the state is due for another mega flood.

In the article there is a link to ArkStorm

The ARkStorm winter storm scenario affects both northern and southern California

http://geography.wr.usgs.gov/science/mhdp/arkstorm.html    2/18/2016

Mary Anne Balthrope, KE6EST, Silent Key

Mary Anne Balthrope, KE6EST, became a Silent Key Friday noon, February 12, 2016. Mary Anne had been a member of River City ARCS for many years and was the 2012 recipient of the Lyle Aufranc Memorial Award.    2/13/2016

SV ARES Reported 20,129 Volunteer Hours for 2015!

For the year 2015, Sacramento Valley Section ARES reported 20,129 volunteer hours!
Excellent job and well done. Thank you for all of your hard work and support of ARES!    1/6/2016

Volunteer Examiner Session Checklist

Yolo County ARES VE team developed a "Volunteer Examiner Session checklist"
used in each of our FCC license test sessions to make sure all the forms are completed correctly.

We put a copy with each candidate's paper work and the VEs check the forms as the testing progresses. At the end, a quick review is all that is needed.    12/8/2015

Plumas County ARES Pandemic Flu Exercise After Action Report

Plumas County EC Larry Trotter, KI6YUK, has shared the After Action Report for the Plumas County Pandemic Flu Exercise.

National Weather Service - Enhanced Data Display

National Weather Service - Enhanced Data Display
This is a nice tool to monitor the weather. Get quick access to deterministic and probabilistic forecasts. Multiple selective layers on map let you focus on the information you are looking for.    11/10/2015

Are you Interested in Amateur Radio Mail?

Are you Interested in Amateur Radio Mail? Check AG6QO's presentation.
http://ag6qo.com/RadioMail.pdf    10/26/2015

ARRL Sacramento Valley Section Web Resources

Keep up to date with ARRL Sacramento Valley news and links to many of the Radio Clubs in theARRL Sacramento Valley Section.
This link to resources is always available from the menu item SV ARES.    10/4/2015

Low-Loss PWRgate

The Low-Loss PWRgate low cost alternative to the Power Werx PWRgate PG40S. The Low-Loss PWRgate by FlintHills Radio Inc, is Backup Power Switching and Charging System the Simple, Safe, and Reliable, easy to add backup battery power to your home station or go-kit. 25 Amp total, 3 power outlet ports, ARES standard Anderson Pole Connectors.

A PWRgate is a simple standby backup power system, it will allow communications equipment to remain operative on battery power during AC power blackouts. Power supplies and batteries can be swapped out while the equipment remains on with no glitches.

NOTE: Several ARES members in Sacramento and Amador counties have had very good success with Low-Loss PWRgate.    9/20/2015

Ultra-portable Packet Station

Joe, AG6QO wrote: Kenwood produces a beautiful little HT known as the TH-D72, which is a dual band 5 W transceiver, with built-in GPS and TNC. This makes it not only a nice mobile APRS unit, but a travelling packet station with the addition of a MS Windows based Venue 8 Pro tablet

He has installed puTTY, Outpost, RMS Express, and even Paclink and Thunderbird on this little 16 GB table which turns it into the ultra-portable packet station he needed for remote access to the AG6QO-1 BBS and radio mail.
Check out the AG6QO web site http://ag6qo.com/RpiBPQnode.html#tablet    7/5/2015

ARES Deployment and Assignment Form

The ARES Deployment and Assignment Form, helps ARES members gather and organize information they might need for deployment or activation.    6/17/2015

Updated Amateur Radio Emergency Service Manual Now Online

The latest edition (March 2015) of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) Manual now is online. This edition includes various Incident Command System (ICS) forms for ARES use, clarifies the role of the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), contains an improved chapter on ARES training, and includes all current ARRL memoranda of understanding/agreement.    6/4/2015

IARU Emergency Telecommunications Guide Available Online

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Emergency Telecommunications Guide is now available for download from the IARU website. The guide was developed to provide the IARU member-societies with materials suitable for training radio amateurs to participate in emergencies. It also was designed to provide guidance to individual Amateur Radio operators with little or no experience in handling emergency communications but desire to enhance their ability to participate in such events or to simply have a better understanding of the process. ARRL has a link to this information.    3/13/2015

Daily Packet Net to test paths to Nevada

The Nevada NW Packet group runs a daily packet check-in net.
Each day they poll messages each morning to test their ability to get information in and out of the area. The tests let them know their paths are open and the systems are working.

You can join in on this daily packet net by sending a packet message to a full service BBS to KJ7UK@KJ6IX.#WNV.NV.USA.NOAM to get on the list. You will receive a packet message each day that you can just respond to, and if you have traffic add it to the message.

Here are some Full Service Packet BBS in Northern California:

BBS connect call Location User Frequency

* N6RME-1 Diamond Springs, covering the greater Sacramento area 145.09
* N0ARY-1 Mt. Umunhum (south of San Jose), covering the San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay, and Gilroy area 145.09 433.371
* W6RAY-3 (SJVBBS) Park Ridge (east of Fresno), covering the South Central Valley 145.09 441.50
* WA6EWV-1 South Lake Tahoe 145.05
* AG6QO-1 Winters covering most of the western Sacramento valley 144.370 via node berr37

If you are using packet radio, this is a great way to test your equipment.

Sacramento Valley ARES Primary Frequencies for each county

An updated list of the primary frequencies used by ARES groups in each county in the Sacramento Valley Section.    11/13/2014

Photos from the Department of Water Resources Twitchell Island Exercise

Sacramento County and members of Yolo County ARES participated in a flood exercise on Twitchell Island. Teams of radio operators were assigned to each of the exercise sites.

The exercise went very well for all. During the hotwash, the event coordinators were impressed with Amateur Radio Operators' performance. It was noted that ARES were the first to notice and call in a second levee boil in one location.
Photos from ICP: http://sacvalleyares.org/contents/Gallery/TwitchellIsland

Photos of the field operations from the Twitchell Island Levee exercise courtesy of Sharman Wood, Yolo County Office of Emergency Services and Eric Guenzler, KG6BZT, Sacramento County ARES.    10/22/2014

Yolo, Sacramento, and Placer County Everbridge Alert System Sign up

It is most important that each of your ARES members properly signup up for the Everbridge Alert system. Find out how you can get registered with Everbridge.

Sacramento, Placer and Yolo Counties Sign up page/    8/26/2014

Latest Version of the National Interoperability Field Guide

The Department of Homeland security has released a new version of the National Interoperability Field Guide.

The NIFOG can be downloaded at:

An index of tools and documents is available:

The Public Safety Library site that has links to an Adroid and Apple mobile OS apps that lets you download and manage documents.
http://publicsafetytools.info/pslib    8/1/2014

Using FLmsg with Outpost Packet Manager to send Form Data

During the Regional ARES exercise in March, the value of using packet for sending information digitally was appreciated. Although several digital programs such as FLdigi and Winlink can send form data digitally, it is cumbersome with a packet program such as Outpost Packet Manager.

The Outpost Packet Manager has been embraced by many ARES groups in the US for digital packet messaging. In a project to make it easy to send and work with form data from FLmsg, a form manager design to work with FLdigi, we have created step by step instructions to enable the use of FLmsg forms to send form data with Outpost to a PBBS or a full service BBS, and when form data is received in a message in Outpost, to recreate the original form.

Documentation for using FLmsg and Outpost usage and well as a web based tool to create a custom Outpost Script that will work with your packet setup.    3/27/2014
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